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Maternity Nurses or maternity nannies are trained or experienced nurses or nannies who specialise in the care of newborn babies. Most maternity nurses are normally ex midwives or very experienced maternity nannies that have completed the Maternity Practioner's Course.

A maternity nurse will help the mother from the time she leaves hospital until both mother and baby are settled into a routine at home. This is normally a period of between 4-12 weeks.  A maternity nurse will be on call 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (usually with one 24 hour period totally free).

A must for all new mums and mums to be!However, again this is flexible depending on individual needs and the maternity nurse that maybe employed. It is possible to have a maternity nurse for day time or night time only. A maternity nurse is responsible for all aspects of newborn care along with providing support and guidance to the new mother. She will teach the new mother how to care for her baby, giving advice on all aspects of baby care including feeding and hygiene. Duties also include the babys laundry and nursery cleanliness and ensuring as a new mother you receive plenty of rest

Most maternity nurses sleep in the babys room and take responsibility for night feeds and any other nightly disturbances. In the case of breast fed babies, the maternity nurse takes the baby into the mother to be fed and will resettle the baby after a feed, thus limiting the disturbance to the parents. The role of the maternity nurse is to establish a suitable routine for the baby/babies and to advise the mother on all aspects of care, hygiene and feeding.

Booking your maternity nurse is advised at least 3 months in advance.
The salary of a maternity nurse would be in the region of 800-1200 GBP per week, depending on the care of one newborn, twins or triplets. Maternity Nurses are self-employed, so are responsible for their own tax and National Insurance.

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